How to Make Corporate Housing Feel More Like Home

Home Away From Home

Traveling for business is an intriguing thing for many people. You get to see parts of the world that you otherwise may not be able to travel to, and best of all, you get to do it all on your company’s dime. People spend years saving their hard earned cash to go on one, maybe two, amazing adventures in a new and different place, but with business travel comes the joys of seeing the world often and for extended periods of time.

However, it also comes with some details that many find difficult to endure, such as being away from family. Young, trendsetting, outgoing-business travelers will often find a significant other along the way, settle down, and start a family. This makes being away from home a little less glamorous in the long run. Spending your night’s meeting strangers in a new and fast-paced city loses its luster for someone who would rather be tucking their little ones into bed at night.

So, how do you make corporate housing feel like a home away from home?

Make it personal

Although your temporary housing may be fully furnished, it most likely will be missing the personal touches that make it feel like “home.” Bringing framed photos of loved ones, some of your favorite books to add to shelves, or a piece of art that you just can’t live without will help brighten up your space and make you feel closer to home.

Use Your Kitchen

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal. From Mom’s famous spaghetti and Grandma’s warm and chewy-chocolate-chip cookies to Dad’s famous barbecue, you can take advantage of the fully equipped kitchens in corporate housing to recreate these little slices of home. Rather than suffering through days on end of greasy fast food, you can fill your fridge and pantry with fresh ingredients, so you can make your own delicious meals that will help “temporary” feel like a little slice of home.

Nice and Tidy

For some, this one is common sense, but the feeling of “it is not my place, therefore who cares?” is something that comes along with traveling. Keeping your place nice and tidy makes it somewhere that you feel comfortable coming home to. Things as simple as making your bed each morning and picking up/cleaning dishes as you use them can make a big difference in the feel of your temporary place.

Get Settled

Bouncing from hotel to hotel forces you to live out of a suitcase, but having an extended stay in a furnished place gives you the luxury to unpack and get settled. Having a place for all of your “stuff” will make you feel more comfortable, and keeping it neat and organized will make your stay more pleasant.

Scents and Smells

The power of scent is an incredible thing for anyone. You know that when a strong wafting of cinnamon or pine comes your way, you think of Christmas, or the scent of rain on the hot asphalt can transport you to any number of warm summer storms. Scent has the ability to take us to familiar places and memories, so if the scent of lavender takes you back home, buy a lavender candle to help you feel like you are relaxing in your very own living room.

Continue Your Routine

If your morning routine starts with a fresh pot of coffee and a shower with your favorite-scented soaps, make sure that you continue that within your temporary housing. This will help you throughout your day and make everything seem more familiar. If you are used to hitting the gym to sweat out the day’s events after work, ask our team members to point you in the right direction to help you keep your routine, which will help make Texas feel like home.

Bottom Line

Making even the smallest of adjustments can turn your temporary housing into a place that feels like home. Whether it is a tweak of lighting, a blanket from a loved one, or a simple home cooked meal, you can turn your corporate travels into a place you’ll feel good in until you can be back in your very own bed. Contact our office today and find out how you can make corporate housing in Texas a place to call home.