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When it comes to finding suitable corporate housing, individuals often face the challenge of balancing their professional needs with their personal lives. This is especially true for those who are pet owners. Finding accommodations that welcome furry companions can be tricky. Residology is proud to provide pet-friendly corporate housing, offering a comfortable and convenient solution for both professionals and their beloved pets.

Residology understands that pets, and service animals are cherished members of the family. In our pet-friendly furnished apartments, you can both feel at home during your temporary relocation or extended business trips. Our pet-friendly approach enables pet owners to enjoy a seamless transition from one project to the next, all while maintaining a comfortable and stress-free environment for their four-legged friends so you can travel with ease and peace of mind.

Our Housing Options

One of the greatest advantages of our pet-friendly corporate housing is the wide range of options available. Whether you’re traveling alone with your furry companion or relocating with an entire family and your pets, Residology has flexible housing solutions to meet your needs. Our spacious apartments are designed to feel like home. You’ll be able to enjoy an atmosphere where both humans and pets can feel completely comfortable.

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Animal Safety

Residology’s pet-friendly accommodations prioritize the well-being and safety of animals. Many of our properties include pet amenities and designated pet-friendly areas. We want to make sure that your pets have everything they need to adjust to being in a new place. Our properties are often situated in areas with nearby parks, walking trails, or green spaces, allowing you to easily exercise and explore with your pet.

To keep the experience smooth and enjoyable for both residents and their pets, we’ve gathered property pet policies and guidelines so you don’t have to worry. These guidelines typically include regulations on pet size, breed restrictions, and responsible pet ownership practices. The living environment should be safe and comfortable for everyone present, which is why we carefully consider and adhere to pet protection standards. We work with our properties to ensure a harmonious living environment for everyone and their pets!

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Elevated Living

Residology’s pet-friendly corporate and furnished apartment options go beyond just accommodations. We know that pets require additional care and attention, and our pet friendly locations offer amenities like Pet Spa’s, Bark Parks, and Pet Friendly Community events. Your pet deserves proper care and attention, even when your work responsibilities make you unable to meet those needs. Plenty of local pet service providers are available near our pet-friendly locations. If you need a dog walker, pet sitter, or grooming service, you should be able to find a great provider near your housing. You will have access to everything your pet-pal needs right at your fingertips.

Our commitment to providing pet-friendly corporate housing sets us apart from traditional housing options. We recognize the unique needs of professionals who are pet owners and strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment. Our flexible accommodations, necessary amenities, clear guidelines, and additional pet services make it easier for you to balance your work obligations with the love you have for your pet.

Pet-friendly Property Management

Residology’s rental property managers implement various measures to keep our housing pet-friendly. Specific pet-friendly measures may vary depending on the property and local regulations. If you’re considering renting a property with a pet, our property managers will be happy to answer your questions about Residology’s policies and procedures.

Pet-friendly Policies

Our property partners establish clear and well-defined pet policies that outline the rules and expectations for tenants with pets. These policies may include guidelines on pet size, breed restrictions, vaccination requirements, and behavioral expectations.

Pet Deposits or Fees

In some cases, tenants with pets may be required to pay a pet deposit or a non-refundable pet fee. This additional payment helps cover any potential damages caused by the pet during the tenancy. The deposit or fee amount can vary depending on factors such as the size and type of pet.

Pet Screening

Property managers may conduct a pet screening process to verify responsible pet ownership. This may involve verifying vaccination records, checking for a history of aggressive behavior, or requesting references from previous landlords or veterinarians.

Pet-related Documentation

Our property managers may ask tenants with pets to provide documentation such as proof of pet ownership, up-to-date vaccination records, and evidence of spaying or neutering. These documents help verify that the pets are well-cared for and in compliance with local regulations.

Amenities for Pets

Some of our rental properties offer amenities specifically designed for pets. This could include designated pet play areas, pet waste stations, walking trails, or even on-site pet spas / grooming facilities. We provide these amenities because we are committed to creating a pet-friendly environment for traveling professionals.

Clear Communication Channels

Property managers work to establish open and clear lines of communication with tenants regarding pet-related concerns or issues. This allows tenants to address any pet-related problems promptly and helps maintain a harmonious living environment for all residents.

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If you are a professional seeking temporary housing with your pet, look no further. Residology offers a pet-friendly corporate housing solution that is comfortable, convenient, and welcoming. With our commitment to pet-friendly practices, we’ll work to make sure that your stay is enjoyable and stress-free. Our goal is to support you as you focus on your work by providing the reassurance that your pet is well taken care of. Contact us today for available pet-friendly housing, and we’ll be happy to connect you with the best options in the area!