Where to Stay While Renovating Your Home

Home renovations range from quick jobs that can be done in a day to major remodels that can leave you without all the amenities you rely on from day to day (like a place to eat, sleep, and otherwise keep the rain off your head). The results can be worth it, but you may find […]

Why You Should Rent a Furnished Apartment for Your Extended Visit to Texas

An extended trip can be a great way to experience a city and learn more about an area, especially if you’re considering a relocation at some point or have temporary work in the area. Where you stay matters and can make all the difference between a comfortable and relaxing stay and feeling like you can […]

Enjoying Your Extended Stay in Dallas

Life in Dallas can be filled with amazing things to do and sights to see – even if you’re only here temporarily. From your fully furnished apartment in Dallas, you have access to a wide range of opportunities and experiences. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy a quiet retreat somewhere out of the way or […]

Corporate Housing in 2021

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that the last year and a half changed pretty much everything for everyone. That certainly includes how we do business in remote locations, how we handle temporary assignments, and even how we relocate to start a new job. Naturally, this has had an impact on corporate housing […]

Military and Border Patrol: Roles, Duties, and How We Can Help

If you are moving to Texas for military assignment or Border Patrol duties, it can seem overwhelming at first. Moving is stressful, especially when it is temporary or for an unspecified amount of time. Add in odd hours, living in a new area, and trying to find housing to the list and it can feel […]

The Austin Housing Market: Your Problems Solved

The Austin housing market is hot. And it doesn’t show any sign of cooling off in the near future. There are a lot of factors behind the current population boom and the seller’s market it has created. We’re not saying it’s ONLY because of all the people moving here from California… we’re just going to […]

Top 6 Reasons to Move to San Antonio

San Antonio has a long history, a deep cultural diversity, and no end of things to see and do. But does it have everything you’re looking for? Are you ready to move to this city and experience it all for yourself? Naturally, everyone is looking for something different when they move to this state, and […]

Tesla is Coming to Austin – And What that Means for You

Work continues on the new Tesla manufacturing plant just outside of Austin, Texas. The factory sits on roughly 2,000 acres and, though it isn’t finished yet, it’s said that it will be an “ecological paradise” when it’s all up and running. In an interview right after the construction was announced, Elon Musk said: “We’re going […]

What the SpaceX Launch Site Means for South Texas Economy and Living

The opportunity to work at SpaceX and help send the next generation of rockets into space is the kind of career that many people dream of. This is, after all, one of the few places in the world in which “Starship Mechanical Engineer” is an actual, real-life job and not something found on the SyFy […]

Feel Like You’re Home for the Holidays

The holidays are often a time of togetherness, and the idea of being “home for the holidays” is so entrenched in our culture that it’s even found in popular holiday songs and movies. Unfortunately, there are times when being in our own homes or home with family isn’t possible for one reason or another – […]