Texas Corporate Housing Options

You can provide affordable comfort and convenience for your employees who travel to remote locations with our temporary housing in Texas.

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Our Texas corporate housing options are spacious, comfortable, and offer many options and amenities that you won’t find in most hotels – all for a fraction of the cost of a comparable hotel suite.

At Residolgy, we have dedicated housing for corporate clients. We have furnished apartments in Texas in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and the Rio Grande Valley area. We want to make your temporary assignments and long business trips as convenient and comfortable as possible, so we provide:

  • One point of contact to handle everything you need
  • Flexible leasing options to support those who aren’t sure exactly how long they’ll stay
  • Completely furnished and stocked living space with quality housewares
  • Customer service that is fast and friendly
  • An understanding of your needs as a business

Of course, there are a number of other options for corporate furnished apartments, and many businesses are looking at new alternatives for extended stays, such as home sharing solutions on websites such as Airbnb.

Airbnb vs. Extended Stay Hotels vs. Dedicated Corporate Housing

Airbnb has recently started heavily targeting business travelers because recent trends suggest that many consumers are looking for a homier setting and other conveniences over a traditional hotel stay.

They may be travelling for business, but they want to experience a new location in a place that really feels like it belongs to the local culture. Airbnb and other similar concepts certainly caters to these travelers.

But they’re not the only ones.

Dedicated corporate housing, like we offer at Residology, also provides the same personalized experience. Our apartment homes provide local authenticity and all the conveniences of home, creating an intimate, non-manufactured experience. Our corporate furnished apartments are located throughout Texas, where your employees can feel like they’re part of a community and have access to all the local culture and amenities.

An extended stay hotel, on the other hand, is most likely going to be located in a commercially zoned area, where the closest thing you may get to local flavor is the line of cars at the McDonald’s drive-through.

Where Home Sharing Could Work

As a company, there may be some occasions when Airbnb-style home sharing may be an effective option for your travelling employees. There are, after all, many apartment-style accommodations where your employees will have the entire space to themselves.

Airbnb for business could work when you need to send your employees to areas where other options are very limited. For example, if you are sending them to a beach location where everything is zoned residential, you may need to find a resident who can share a room or two.

Where Corporate Housing Is Your Best Option

At Residology, we offer the best of two worlds – the professionally cleaned and cared-for properties of a hotel, and the local flavor, convenience, and space of an alternative housing option.

This kind of temporary housing in south Texas is also the better choice for a true extended stay. Reports on Airbnb business stays suggest that most of their lodgers are only interested in stay 4.3 nights on average. People who stay with an established location, though, are looking for housing options that are available for two weeks to three months.

Since a stay in an Airbnb home is completely dependent on the host’s availability, many companies don’t find it reliable or consistent enough to fit with their plans.


Residology provides housing options in multiple locations around Texas, and we make travelling for business, government assignments, or education easy. Currently, we have:

Your next extended trip doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead of worrying about being in a new and strange place, let us make your stay easy and comfortable.