Hurricane Season in Houston, TX: Essential Preparedness Tips and Helpful Information 

As we approach hurricane season, it’s crucial for residents and business travelers in Houston, TX, to be well-prepared. The Gulf Coast’s hurricane season typically runs from June to November, bringing the potential for severe weather, heavy rainfall, and flooding. Here are some essential tips and information to help you stay safe and prepared. Understanding Hurricane […]

Houston’s Culinary Kaleidoscope: Exploring the Vibrant Food Scene

Houston, the sprawling city tucked right in the heart of Texas, is more than just a hub for space exploration and energy industries. It’s a dynamic multicultural city, that’s creating a culinary landscape that’s as diverse as its population.  If you’re local, you may already be taking advantage of the explosion of flavor that Houston […]


Accommodations We Provide in Our Furnished Apartments

If you are relocating to Texas for work or need a temporary place to stay, Residology can make your relocation more comfortable. We make the process easier by providing you with furnished apartments that are move-in ready. Residology apartments also offer accommodations that make your stay convenient and easy, no matter the length. Accommodations Provided […]

What the SpaceX Launch Site Means for South Texas Economy and Living

The opportunity to work at SpaceX and help send the next generation of rockets into space is the kind of career that many people dream of. This is, after all, one of the few places in the world in which “Starship Mechanical Engineer” is an actual, real-life job and not something found on the SyFy […]

Consider New Ways to Work from Home (Away from Home) with Residology

Between lifestyle, economic, and company changes, many of us have begun to embrace alternate means to get the job done (whatever that job may be). How we live our daily lives, where we work, how we travel, and many other things we once took for granted now look completely different than they did at the […]


History and Growth of the Oil and Gas Industries in Texas

When most people think of flourishing industries in Texas, you likely think of oil, and for good reason. Oil in Texas was discovered by the native Americans before Europeans ever set foot in Texas. The first oil drilling operation in Texas occurred in 1866. Today, Texas is the leading producer of natural gas in America, […]


How to Help with Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

For the last couple weeks, the country has seen images of destruction in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. This storm has devastated thousands of homes, and have left many people from the Houston metro area with nothing. Find out what you can do to help a family in need. Texas Hospitality In the middle of […]

What to Expect When Being Relocated to TX

You just got the word that you’ll be relocated to Texas, where everything is bigger and everyone wears cowboy hats, lives on a ranch and eats Mexican food. Thinking about this stereotype may be exciting, or it may be off-putting. Either way, you’re in for in for a pleasant surprise! Living in Texas is great. […]

Local Resources for Rio Grande Valley

HELPFUL LINKS FOR YOUR STAY Since the moving process can be quite overwhelming, we’ve compiled the following list (and links) of some of our favorite things to do around the Rio Grande Valley. Travel McAllen-Miller Int’l Airport (MFE)– McAllen, TX Map Valley International Airport (HRL)– Harlingen, TX Map Brownsville, South Padre Island Int’l Airport (BRO)– […]

What To Do In Brownsville TX

HELPFUL LINKS FOR YOUR STAY We understand that the moving process can be quite overwhelming. You’ve gone through the process of finding and securing your furnished apartment in Brownsville, and you’re ready to start your experience. So, what do you do when you get here? We’ve compiled this list (and links) of some of our […]