How to Help with Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

For the last couple weeks, the country has seen images of destruction in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. This storm has devastated thousands of homes, and have left many people from the Houston metro area with nothing. Find out what you can do to help a family in need.

Texas Hospitality

In the middle of pain, and loss, many people both Texas residents and residents of other states and countries have descended on the flooded Texas communities. People have risked their own lives to pluck stranded families out of homes and cars, used their own boats to take pets and elderly persons to safety, and distributed meals to families stranded in their homes.

Multiple shelters have been set up in Houston to give evacuees a temporary place to stay. Some in the hospitality industry have also offered free, temporary lodging for evacuated families.

Over the course of the weeks following Hurricane Harvey, the amount of support and people eager to help has been amazing.

Especially the hospitality that has come from fellow Texans. There has been story after story of Texans lending their RVs, trailers, and homes to evacuated Texans. It has been Texans using their own boats to bring food to those who are housebound and to rescue those stranded in cars and along roads.

Hotels, timeshare and vacation homeowners, and homeowners have lessened the burdens of shelters by allowing evacuees temporarily stay in open rooms and homes.

Residology echoes the same big-sized hospitality Texas is known for and which has already been lived out in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, by working with insurance companies and allowing evacuees to temporarily stay in our available furnished apartment units.

We love the support and hospitality that has been coming to help Harvey victims and are more than willing to do our share to help families get back on their feet and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

If you’d like to donate, there are multiple organizations and causes raising donations to support Hurricane Harvey evacuation victims.

Resources to Help Harvey Evacuees

For starters, here is a short list of reputable charities and fundraising sites specifically dedicated to helping Harvey victims.

Sometimes, the best help is information.

Being knowledgeable about the available resources can be a great way to help a family in need.

Whether you have friends or family displaced or affected by Hurricane Harvey or you simply want to help by directing evacuees to the best resources to need their immediate needs, here is a list of websites that include resources to best meet the various needs of Hurricane Harvey victims:

Hurricane Harvey did indeed bring destruction and calamity. With the continued help of volunteers and donors both here and abroad as well as the amazing Texas hospitality and “can-do” attitude of which we are proud of, our Texas attitude will not waiver and our community will be rebuilt.

To help the evacuees in our community get back on their feet and begin rebuilding their lives, we realize we all must work together and offer a hand.

If your family or a family you know has been evacuated and is still looking for a safe, comfortable place to stay, contact us at Residology today to learn how we can help your family navigate this difficult time.

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