Consider New Ways to Work from Home (Away from Home) with Residology

Work From Home with Residology

Between lifestyle, economic, and company changes, many of us have begun to embrace alternate means to get the job done (whatever that job may be).

How we live our daily lives, where we work, how we travel, and many other things we once took for granted now look completely different than they did at the beginning of the year.

Whether you’re used to working from home or have embarked on a new work from home adventure, many of us are finding ourselves readjusting and embracing new opportunities.

Consider, if you will, the ability to work from home – even if that home is not your usual one.

This situation might come up more than you’d think, and there is a simple solution for it.

Using Corporate Housing

The economy has undergone something of a massive transition this year, and companies are looking for new options to keep employees safe and content and, of course, productive. On top of that, any business that relies on a lot of travel has had to adjust their meeting schedules and operational procedures.

A lot of in-person meetings have been moved to an online setting or cancelled outright.

But there may be another option.

Employees that travel to Texas for work can have a safe and secure place to stay waiting for them when businesses utilize corporate housing.

This means that they can still travel to the state and spend the appropriate amount of time sufficiently distanced from others in the company without giving up the comforts of home.

Our corporate apartments are fully furnished and include all the housewares, like cookware, utensils, dishes and all the other kitchen necessities, so you can ease, at least, some of the stress from the lives of your employees.

Temporary corporate housing has also become a solution for those who have, due to the crisis, been forced to seek a more affordable living situation – temporarily – until they can get into a more permanent residence. (This isn’t just those who are dealing with economic problems, though. Too many people have, unfortunately, changed their living situation this year due to natural disasters of one kind or another.)

Our fully furnished apartments, and Residology proprietary housewares make for easy transitions and less packing. We are happy to customize to your needs, and if there is something you are missing, just let us know.

Setting Up a Home Office in a Temporary Home

A home office is more than just a laptop on the kitchen table. You need a place where you can close the door and know that that means you are on the job.

At Residology, we work to ensure that everything you need will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Would you like to set aside one room to be your home office? That can be done. You’re going to need a better chair than the ones usually found around a dining table, too, so be sure to ask us about that. Of course, the right desk can make a huge difference. Plus, your internet needs to be reliable, and any number of other small amenities can make it much easier to stay on task all day.

Contact us today and ask us about setting up a home office in your home away from home.

If You Can Work from Anywhere, Why Not Work In…

Many companies have discovered that they can be just as efficient – if not more so – with a staff that works entirely from home.

As long as they have a connection to the internet, they’re able to be as productive as ever.

So why not be as productive as ever from a place as awesome as Austin?

Maybe this is time to check out the lifestyle in San Antonio.

The ability to work remotely has opened up some opportunities for many people. This could be the best time for you to try something completely new.

Finding the Right Fit

At Residology, we can help you find the right fit for your situation, and our apartments are all easily adapted to host a functional home office.

No matter where you find yourself during this crazy year, remember that you have options.

Whether you need to find a new housing situation because of a job change, rental agreement problem, or just have a little traveling to do that needs an extra element of safety, we can help.

Check out our furnished apartments in Texas today and find the options that work for you.


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