Why Companies Should Choose Corporate Housing

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If your company regularly sends employees on long trips for business, the costs can quickly add up. It is understandable that the company may look into a cheaper, extended stay hotel or leave the employee to foot the bill themselves.

If the later scenario applies to your business travel situation, you’ll likely look for the cheapest lodging option.

When visiting a city for a long period of time, the option of a hotel will not be wise. There remains, however, extended stay hotels and private, third-party arrangements such as short-term rentals on Craigslist and Airbnb.

The Downside of Extended Stay Hotels

Extended stay hotels are likely the cheapest option for a long-term business trip. While the price is likely reasonable and you’ll know what to expect, there are many unpleasant downsides.

An extended stay hotel is just that. A hotel catered to visitors needing a longer stay. Some extended stays have basic amenities that can make your room feel somewhat like home with refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves. The homey touches tend to end here.

At extended stays, you may or may not need to buy your own cooking and eating utensils, your room may be small, you’ll have to do your laundry in a common room down the hall and you may or may not have a free, guaranteed parking space.

In short, an extended stay hotel can have an overwhelming hotel feel to it which will make you constantly yearn to be back in the comfort of your own home.

Airbnb Should be Better Right?

For traveling businessmen (and women), you may be looking for a more private, relaxing, home-like form of lodging, especially if your business trip will last several weeks.

Working with private residents who rent out their homes or condos may seem like a great idea. You’ll be in a “house” and free to eat and cook however you like. You can do your own laundry for free in private. You won’t be surrounded by a hundred strangers just “traveling through.” You’ll have the place to yourself.

At an Airbnb, all silverware, cups, plates, and appliances are available. All you have to bring is yourself, some clothes and hygiene items.

The downside with Airbnbs, however, is that you won’t exactly know what you’ll get until you show up. It is easy to lie online and post fake pictures of a house or room. When working with a private individual, your chances of getting bamboozled are increased.

In most cases, Airbnb rentals are only set for a certain amount of time, like a week or two, because they are primarily used by vacationers. Some Airbnb property owners may not be willing to rent out a home for an extended period of time.

Have You Thought of Corporate Housing?

It kind of seems like a no-brainer, but surprisingly, many companies underestimate the value and benefits of corporate housing. Quality corporate housing is not much more than an Airbnb and it is much more luxurious and homey than an extended stay. In fact, a good corporate housing unit will make employees feel like they are at home.

Many corporate housing communities are in the form of furnished apartments, equipped with full-sized appliances, private yards, community features like pools, designated parking and a stylish interior.

Employees who stay in corporate housing can enjoy the peace, quiet, privacy and freedom of an Airbnb without the guesswork and having the backing of corporate ownership. If anything goes wrong in a corporate housing unit, there is onsite management who can help. You won’t necessarily get that with an Airbnb. Similarly, the price is regulated and predictable, there will be one point person for contact, and the level of service is greater.

Corporate housing is the best option for business travelers who spend significant time in a specific area. The cost is comparable, but the freedom of feeling “at home” is greatest in corporate housing solutions.

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