Packing for Business Travel in Austin, Texas

Corporate Extended Stay Travel

Packing for your next business trip has its fair chair of challenges. To do it right, you need to look at it from a couple different perspectives.

First, you should make sure you have the smart, classy clothes that will fit any style of business meeting.

Second, you need to make sure you have clothes that will be comfortable in hot, cold, humid, and dry weather, depending on your destination.

The good news about Austin, Texas is that we have fairly predictable weather. It’s unlikely you’ll ever be caught in a freak snowstorm down here.

The challenge is in how to pack light and yet have everything you need for a range of potential situations. Some business trips may require your bulkiest clothes (jackets, nice shoes, etc.) while others are more casual. So you’re going to need to choose the things that fit your bag, destination, and style.

Packing for Texas

Planning for the weather of your destination can be a real challenge. Luckily, Texas is a little easier than other places. The weather here is usually quite nice, so you don’t need to pack big winter coats, gloves, and boots. You do need to be aware that in the summer we regularly climb over 100 degrees.

Springtime is quite nice and usually sits between 75 and 85 degrees. However, it can be much cooler in the morning, so plan appropriately if your schedule takes you out bright and early.

Packing for Extended Stays

If you’re staying in corporate housing in Austin for an extended period, that may also change how you pack. The seasons may change while you’re here, and the longer stay might making packing more things worthwhile. In fact, some travelers always bring a few more personal items to make the apartment feel more like home.

The communities also often have gyms and pools and other places where you can enjoy a few recreational activities, so you may also want to bring your active clothes so you can stick to your exercise routines. And with the availability of washers and dryers, you can still pack light and simply run a wash every now and then to keep things clean and fresh.

General Packing Tips

First, never be afraid to ask around about the standards of the client’s style. You can ask others at work who have already been on this trip, or, if you are familiar with some people at the location, you can ask them about their everyday expectations.

Second, think in terms of multipurpose items. Don’t pack an article of clothing that can only be used in a single situation when something similar could be used in a casual and business setting.

Finally, if possible, consider avoiding solid white colors on business trips. They tend to be hard to care for and require more cleaning. A single spot on a white shirt is game over, but on a blue shirt you might be able to get away with it.

But let’s get into some specifics:

  • Shirts – Always go for wrinkle-free cotton if you can. If that’s not an option, regular cotton dress shirts are nice because they’re easy to iron.
  • Jeans – Even if you’re expected to wear a business suit for meetings, you still want something for relaxing in your fully furnished apartment in Austin. Jeans can be comparatively bulky, though, so some cotton slacks may be a better option to save space.
  • Suits – If you do need a suit, go for one that has a jacket that looks good with those jeans and trousers that look good even without the jacket. This way you can get some extra days of variety out of them.
  • Skirts – A skirt should be able to fit in a conservative environment, so nothing too high above the knee. But it has to be comfortable to wear, too, so keep that in mind.
  • Jackets – We’re known for the heat down here, so jackets may be a bit much. Still, if it’s appropriate for the company, a stylish blazer, coat, or cardigan may be required. One jacket is probably enough for a weekend, but you’ll likely need a second if you’re going to be here longer than that. Once again, go for basic materials, solid dark colors, and medium weight.
  • Shoes – Think: comfortable and multipurpose. Bring more than one pair because you’ll need to have a change if they don’t fit a given situation or if one pair starts to cause foot pain. They should be easy to slip on and off, too (for airport security or when you’re working at a desk and need to subtly slip them off for a more comfortable work experience).
  • Recreational clothes – Normally this is the first thing to cut from your packing list. However, if you’re looking at an extended stay, you might consider bringing everything you need for golfing and other outdoor activities.

Business trips can be stressful enough without worrying about getting everything you need in your suitcase. If you’re planning on relocating here, things can get even more complex. Staying in fully furnished corporate housing in Austin can take away a lot of that anxiety, though. This type of housing means you only have to worry about bringing your clothes. Everything else is taken care of.

You can follow a few of these tips to get packed and get on the road with everything you need for a successful trip.