Enhancing Real Estate Services with Corporate Housing Solutions: A Value-Added Offering for Agencies and Realtors

In today’s dynamic real estate market, providing exceptional services that extend beyond the mere buying and selling of property can significantly enhance client satisfaction and boost agency reputation. Partnering with corporate housing companies as a value-added service is a strategic move that real estate agencies and realtors can leverage to ensure their clients experience a […]

Understanding the Shift in Texas Rental Markets: A 2024 Outlook on Austin and Beyond

The rental market in Texas, including major cities like Austin, Houston, & Dallas, has been an ever-changing landscape, influenced significantly by inflation and the evolving work-from-home trends seen both nationally and globally. As professionals adapt to remote work, the demand for flexible, comfortable, spacious, and convenient living spaces has surged, reshaping the rental market across […]

Easing the Transition from House to Apartment Living During Temporary Relocation

Moving from the comfort of a house to an apartment, even a spacious one, can feel daunting, especially during stressful temporary relocations due to property insurance claims, job transfers, business travel, or home renovations. However, with a few strategic tips and the right corporate housing partner, you can navigate this transition smoothly and even find […]

Embracing Sustainable Living in Texas: Your 2024 Guide to a Greener Lifestyle

The Lone Star State is renowned for its vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and booming economy. Cities like Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley area are leading the charge towards a greener future for the state.  As we move further into 2024, Texas continues to make strides in sustainable living, offering a […]

What is the Best Type of Relocation Reimbursement?

Relocation reimbursement, signing bonuses, and hybrid relocation packages are essential considerations for companies and employees involved in relocation. Each option has its unique advantages and challenges. Relocation Reimbursement Relocation reimbursement covers the financial and logistical aspects of an employee’s move, including legal, economic, cultural, and communication factors. A comprehensive relocation policy should clearly define the […]

Global Mobility: Navigating the New Future of Work with Residology Corporate Housing

As the business world is defined more and more by interconnectedness and a borderless workforce, global mobility has emerged as the trend propelling us into the future. Individuals and businesses are increasingly seeking opportunities across borders, leading to a surge in both international relocations as well as an increase in domestic relocations within the US. […]

5 Benefits of Corporate Housing

There are many reasons for businesses to use corporate housing for their employees and clients. At Residology, we offer comfortable long-term housing for corporations and more. Here are 5 benefits of choosing our corporate housing over other housing options:  1. Variety of Locations  We are based in Texas and have locations throughout the state. Our […]

What Is Residology?

Residology offers corporate housing and accommodation for anybody needing a temporary place to stay in Texas. Whether you are traveling on a work assignment or need somewhere to stay while you relocate to Texas, Residology has a place for you. Here is a little bit about what we offer, who we serve, and how our […]

Pet-friendly Corporate Housing Units

At Residology, we understand that when you travel leaving your pet at home is not always an option. Being able to bring your furry friend along to a new city and ensuring your pet’s safety in your temporary home is a key element to your comfort. We offer pet-friendly, short term corporate housing for you […]

The Benefits of Staying with Residology in San Antonio

If you’re on a lengthy business trip in San Antonio, it’s imperative to find a comfortable yet functional place to stay that feels like home. You’ll want the right accommodations to make your transition and extended stay, quick and easy. In big cities, like San Antonio it can be challenging to know where to start. […]