Global Mobility: Navigating the New Future of Work with Residology Corporate Housing

As the business world is defined more and more by interconnectedness and a borderless workforce, global mobility has emerged as the trend propelling us into the future. Individuals and businesses are increasingly seeking opportunities across borders, leading to a surge in both international relocations as well as an increase in domestic relocations within the US. […]

Who Is Relocation Housing for?

Relocation housing can benefit many people in many different situations. At Residology, we offer comfortable and convenient relocation housing for a wide range of people. Here are some people that we help and that can benefit from temporary housing in Texas:  Government and Military Personnel We offer housing options to those who are in the […]

What Is Residology?

Residology offers corporate housing and accommodation for anybody needing a temporary place to stay in Texas. Whether you are traveling on a work assignment or need somewhere to stay while you relocate to Texas, Residology has a place for you. Here is a little bit about what we offer, who we serve, and how our […]

Is Texas-Based Relocation Housing Actually Worth It?

Whether you are a business professional, healthcare worker, or any other worker relocating to Texas for a long-term work assignment or permanent relocation, you may need relocation housing services. At Residology, we offer a corporate suit or temporary housing to make you feel safe and comfortable. Our fully furnished, eco-friendly, and stylish apartments have everything […]

How Does Relocation Housing Work?

Relocation housing provides temporary living arrangements for families on the move. Most movers usually prefer this process as it allows them to discover more about the area they’re moving to without having to make a long-term commitment right off the bat.  Have you been looking for a short-term apartment but wondering how the process works? […]

Where to Stay While Renovating Your Home

Home renovations range from quick jobs that can be done in a day to major remodels that can leave you without all the amenities you rely on from day to day (like a place to eat, sleep, and otherwise keep the rain off your head). The results can be worth it, but you may find […]