Who Is Relocation Housing for?

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Relocation housing can benefit many people in many different situations. At Residology, we offer comfortable and convenient relocation housing for a wide range of people. Here are some people that we help and that can benefit from temporary housing in Texas: 

Government and Military Personnel

We offer housing options to those who are in the area for government, military, and border security assignments. An allowance is often granted for those in the area on assignment for government purposes. This allowance is to be used for a place to stay in the area you’ve been assigned. You can use the allowance for things like our relocation housing options for your extended stay or temporary assignment.

For those in Texas for a congressional session, you may be in the area from January to May. Our housing options can be a great alternative for your stay during these months. 

Military personnel can benefit from choosing our extended rentals. Many of our locations are near military installations. Whether you are here for training or a temporary assignment, Residology can help. 

Renovators or Relocators

Those who are renovating their homes or apartments may benefit from choosing Residology furnished apartments in Texas. Renovation can be a messy and busy process. When your renovation cannot be done while you reside within your home, turn to our services. You can stay in our comfortable housing while your home is being finished. Our housing includes furniture, so you don’t need to worry about bringing yours along. 

People who are relocating to Texas may not have a place to live right away. You can move and live in our relocation housing while you look for a permanent home. This can help save costs on hotels and let you search without a time limit for your perfect home.  Once you’ve found your home, you can extend your stay until you are able to move in. 

Vacation and Seasonal Relocators  

There are many folks that leave their permanent homes to relocate during certain seasons. Texas may be one of those places to relocate to during the colder months. Texas is also a great spot for vacationers. If you are planning to relocate seasonally or visit family and friends, our housing may be the perfect fit. 

Business Travelers 

Those who are traveling to Texas on business can benefit from our housing. We can get you one of the best rates for your employees because we have established several partnerships. We make it simple to pay by giving you one single bill. This option can be changed to corporate billing for your convenience as well. Business travelers can use our housing for their extended stay in Texas. 

Residology for Relocation Housing 

Relocation housing can benefit several different groups of people in a variety of situations. At residology, our housing is furnished, includes utilities, and can be found in many areas of Texas. Whether you’re looking for corporate housing in Houston, or furnished apartments in Dallas, we have you covered all throughout the State.  

Relocation can be a daunting process, no matter how long your stay may be. Contact Residology to learn more about our relocation services and which option may suit you best. 

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