Is Texas-Based Relocation Housing Actually Worth It?

Whether you are a business professional, healthcare worker, or any other worker relocating to Texas for a long-term work assignment or permanent relocation, you may need relocation housing services. At Residology, we offer a corporate suit or temporary housing to make you feel safe and comfortable. Our fully furnished, eco-friendly, and stylish apartments have everything you need. Here are the benefits of Texas-based relocation housing:


Moving to Texas may involve selling your home. You must pack up, store, and move all your personal and household belongings from one place to another, which is never fun. Texas-based relocation housing services offer a wide range of conveniences to make this stressful process as seamless as possible. 

At Residology, we offer temporary furnished housing which can help you ease into you’re your new surroundings without having to jump into a permanent residence before you are ready. Moving into an apartment with utilities and furnishings makes it easy and fast to get settled and it can be a great intermediary option.

You won’t have the hassle of apartment or home hunting and you won’t have to worry if your furniture arrives later than expected. Residology provides you with a short list of personally selected and customized housing options just for you! Residology apartments are totally turn-key and fully set up prior to your arrival so you don’t have to worry about any of the normal (and often times back-aching) challenges of moving, like lifting heavy furniture or establishing utility or cable/internet services. 

Neighborhood Exploration

When you move to Texas, it may take some time before you get used to the city. You should investigate the advantages and disadvantages of various communities, school districts, and neighborhoods. Getting a sense of what your commute to work from a different part of the city actually looks like before you make a commitment to where you want to live long term, can be very helpful! 

Residology offers relocation or temporary housing before you find permanent residency and gives you time to investigate different living possibilities. You will have enough time to get settled into your new city and make sure you are choosing the right neighborhood for you! 

Job Establishment

When you accept a job offer and move to Texas, you will need to adjust to the role. There is the chance that once you start working, you may discover that the job is not what you anticipated, or even that you don’t like the city. 

Residology offers relocation or temporary housing, providing more flexibility than buying a property or signing a long-term lease. We offer short-term rentals to minimize your financial investment if you decide you don’t want to stay in Texas long term.

Purchasing a House

When moving to Texas, you may be planning to buy a house. Many people wait until their house gets sold to buy a new home in Texas. Temporary housing gives you enough time to coordinate selling and buying a home. 

Residology gives you time to negotiate with buyers and sell your home at the best price. You will have time to check out new homes and make an offer without being rushed. You can save money and choose a home with everything you’re looking for.

Find the Best Texas-Based Relocation Housing Service Provider

With so many relocation housing service providers in Texas, you will need to look for one that can meet all your requirements. At Residology, we offer eco-friendly, stylish homes for anyone who needs temporary housing in Texas. We identify local apartment communities and add our custom furnishings and utilities to offer our clients the best possible corporate housing experience and fully furnished apartments that are a step above the rest.  

We offer customized furniture packages and flexible lease terms in many locations throughout Texas. Contact us to know more about the services we offer.

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