Reasons You Might Need Temporary Housing in Texas

Temporary or Corporate housing is more than a place for travelling business men (and women) to stay temporarily.

There are many different types of people who can benefit from corporate housing. If you’re planning on staying in Texas for a few months, whether for vacation, work, school or moving, a fully furnished temporary apartment may be the perfect option for you. Instead of paying more for an extended stay or hotel room that isn’t fully furnished, or have all the comfort and amenities of home, it can be beneficial to check out temporary, corporate housing.

Here are some reasons you may need temporary housing in Texas:

  • You’re in healthcare, working as a traveling nurse or medical researcher.
  • You’re a part of a film crew or a stage performer on tour or on set shooting a movie nearby.
  • You’ve in the energy field and are coming to Texas to exploring new, possible oil or gas sources.
  • You offer professional services as a consultant and you’re meeting with clients to help them implement a new service, process or training.
  • Maybe you’re a government employee or work in the military and have been temporarily or permanently reassigned, such as a border patrol agent.
  • You may be a project manager for a construction or manufacturing company and need to be temporarily relocated for the duration of a project.
  • You’re in finance working as an auditor and are in town doing an audit for a client company.
  • You’re a technology contractor, such as a web designer or programmer that is in town to provide face-to-face guidance and support for a company.
  • You’re a visiting or adjunct college professor or student who needs a place to stay for a semester.
  • You’re a medical or business intern who is temporarily learning the ropes in a company or medical facility for a semester.
  • You’ve been displaced a natural disaster, or flooding or fire, major home remodel or building a home from scratch
  • Maybe you’re on an extended vacation or are retired and have no time constraints and want to spend more time in the area.
  • You are in town for an extended period of time to catch a long-running local event or festival such as the popular South by Southwest Film Festival.
  • You’re moving to Texas because of a job or job relocation and you’re waiting to sell and close on a new home.

As you can see, corporate housing and furnished apartments aren’t only for business travelers. Many people can enjoy the benefits of a temporary, furnished apartment.

At Residology, we offer beautiful furnished apartments that feature luxurious amenities, flexible terms, pet-friendly units, convenient prices, fully-paid utilities and free Wi-Fi, gourmet kitchens, 100% wind-powered electricity, cotton linens, fitness centers and pools. Our units are clean and modern, and are fully furnished inside safe and secure gated buildings.

If you’re looking for a place to temporarily call home, contact us today at Residology and we’d be happy to find the perfect unit to meet your living preferences and situation. We have corporate housing available for your stay available in Austin, San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley and we look forward to making your stay here in Texas as enjoyable as possible.

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