Why We Think Austin is One of the Best Places to Live

Austin TX Skyline

When you think of Austin, Texas, you probably think “heart of Texas,” which it is. It is, however, so much more. Austin has a variety of entertainment and dining options to suit anyone’s taste and interest.

Austin is far from the slow, small country town that you may think it is.


Here are some surprising and (not surprising) things that make Austin one of the best places to live:

Great Nightlife

The city of Austin has a thriving nightlife. There are near endless entertainment venues to enjoy. Whether you’re into pub crawls with college students or a quiet cocktail dinners at gourmet restaurants, you’ll find it downtown.

For more entertainment, Austin hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year during the day. The biggest festival that this “Live Music Capital of the World” city hosts is the annual Austin City Limits and South by Southwest music festivals.

Varied Food Scene

Austin is a food-lover’s paradise, offering a plethora of dining options from casual ethnic cuisine to full-service, white linen dining to take-out to food trucks. The diversity of available cuisines will satisfy whatever hankering you may have. Whether you want to sit down, eat at home or stand while enjoying casual food truck cuisine, you’ll be sure to find it in Austin.

Extensive Outdoor Activities

Music festivals and going out on a night on the town are not the only outdoor activities residents enjoy. Austin. In fact, there are around 20,000 acres of parks in Austin. These parks offer any kind of outdoor activity imaginable including hiking, fishing, swimming, climbing, biking, dog walking, swimming and water skiing.

A Sports Fan Dream

Texas and football go together like peanut butter and jelly. Austin is home to the University of Texas, one of the most historical and well-known college football teams in the country. For every “Longhorn” home game, a 10-block area around the stadium is roped off for tailgating.  Even “Friday night lights” at local high schools is an exciting and energizing way to start a weekend.

A Place of Learning

Residents of Austin like to read and learn. Austin is home to the University of Texas as well as many other community colleges, technical and vocational schools.

This year a new public library is set to open in downtown Austin. The 198,000-square-foot modern building, which cost taxpayers $120 million will be the largest book borrowing hub in town beginning in May.

Strong Economy and Affordable Living

Besides all the fun entertainment, Austin has a great and growing job market, affordable housing and no state income tax. The city of Austin is said to have a strong and stable economy. This is due in large part by the fact that Austin is one of America’s fastest-growing job markets, attracting aspiring professionals in a variety of industries such as government, high tech and industry.

Austin was one of the few American cities who got spared during the housing crisis in the late 2000s. As a result, the housing prices haven’t fluctuated, but have remained low and stable.

Austin has been ranked as the fifth most affordable city in the United States, with housing prices substantially less than those of other major cities, especially those on the west coast.

On top of the extremely affordability, Austin residents don’t have to pay any state income tax.

Easier Commute

Long commutes and traffic congestion are to be expected of any large city. While it would be nice if Austin didn’t have any terrible commutes, residents do enjoy a daily commute that is less stressful and more manageable than in other large cities. In fact, the average commute in Austin takes 10% less time than the national average.

Austin is one of the best places to live. It offers a lot to see, do and enjoy. All that Austin has to offer can be enjoyed by staying in an affordable Austin apartment. At Residology, we offer furnished apartments, corporate housing and extended stay rooms that are perfect for business travelers and those in the process of moving to Austin.

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