How to Eat Healthy When Traveling

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There is something about being away from our normal surroundings that makes it easy to forget our normal eating habits. Once we get out on the road or settle in a hotel, our routines have a tendency to slide and we tell ourselves we’ll get back to it when the trip is over. Sometimes, it just feels too hard to try and maintain better eating habits while we’re gone.

So, as long as we’re traveling, might as well take the easy way out and get your three square meals handed to you through the window of the nearest fast food restaurant, right?

Once you start thinking like that, it’s not that hard to start telling yourself that a 44oz. soda from the gas station just once or twice to get your energy up will probably be okay, too. And then the next thing you know, you’re coming home from your trip with a lot more pounds than you left with.

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. If you follow a few simple tips on your next journey, you’ll be able to eat healthily and feel better while you’re away.

Choose the grocery store over the fast food restaurant

Wherever you go, you’ll likely find a lot of fast food options nearby. Whether you’re on the road or settled into your hotel, the bright lights and quick solution to your hunger will be calling to you. The thing to remember is that if there’s a restaurant in the vicinity, there’s probably a grocery store not too far away and if you’re staying in a temporary apartment, you also have a kitchen.

It doesn’t take long to stop into a grocery store and stock up on healthier options. Get some cheese, nuts, and fruits for snacks, and take advantage of the salad bars that many stores now have. This will also help you stick to your normal routines if you buy the kinds of foods you would normally eat at home.

Eat frequently, but keep the portions small

Try to eat every two or three hours, even if it’s just a little snack. A handful of nuts, dried fruit, or something along those lines (that you purchased at the grocery store, right?) will provide the nutrition you need and allow you to approach your next meal more conscientiously. You won’t be starving so you won’t dive into the meal as if it were your last.

This also helps to keep your metabolism running consistently throughout the day. If you start skipping meals, your body wants to start holding onto calories instead of burning them.

Have healthy snacks on hand

Don’t skip meals just because you’re on the road or in an unfamiliar place. This means you’re going to need to have all those healthy snacks nearby so you can eat more frequently and not rely on a nearby gas station when some cravings set in. If you’re hungry enough, you may even try to convince yourself that it’s okay to stop by the fast food restaurant because you’ll only stick to the “healthy menu.” It’s a slippery slope, and one you should avoid.

Drink lots of water

It’s important to stay hydrated. Keep a refillable water bottle with you and keep it filled. Your body needs water to function properly, flush toxins, and help you eat less. You may be pleasantly surprised how drinking water and getting rid of those toxins can help you knock down the cravings and avoid the undesirable foods.

Get Your Protein

Some good protein can help minimize cravings, prevent energy lags, and keep you feeling strong. Get the right amount of complete protein for better and more energy when you’re going out on a drive or out on the town. You will also stabilize blood sugar level to avoid the ups and downs.

Eat in

This is a lot easier in an extended stay apartment because you will have everything you are accustomed to in your own home. When you’re staying at a play you can treat like home instead of like a hotel, you can stick to more of your normal routines. You can make sure your refrigerator is fully stocked with fresh, nutritious foods for the length of your stay and stick to the healthier options, rather than relying on fast food.

Staying healthy while traveling doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes a little planning. Try following these tips on your next excursion and discover how much of a difference it can make.