How to Avoid Falling into a Fast-Food Rut While Traveling for Business

cooking while in a furnished apartment

Those who spend a great amount of time traveling and living away from home for business are the first ones to understand the challenge of eating healthy. Often, people will bounce from one hotel room to another, which leads to finding the nearest fast-food restaurant for a quick and easy dinner option.

We all love our “junk” food, but spending a significant amount of time living off a diet of tacos, burgers, and french fries can get old really fast. It can put a major dent in your wallet, and, worst of all, has a negative impact on your health.

This can be especially problematic for those “foodies” out there who truly enjoy the art of cooking. When you don’t have the proper equipment (kitchen, utensils, ingredients) it is hard to make your grandma’s award-winning chicken dumplings and steamed vegetables. And no amount of EZ cheese will take the place of that home-cooked meal.

So, how does one overcome this obstacle?

Just because your career requires you to spend extensive amounts of time away from home, doesn’t mean you have to live like a vagabond. When you come to Texas, we have just what you need to help you feel at ease.

Temporary housing, for those who travel for business, is the easiest way to turn your expensive and unhealthy eating habits into a chef’s dream. With fully furnished apartments you have all the necessary tools to create delicious recipes in the comfort of your own space.

Hotels rooms can be cozy, but coming home after a long day of work to a kitchen fully stocked with all the essentials to create your favorite recipes is priceless. A hotel may offer a mini bar, but no pots and pans to make your signature meal. No amount of tiny-travel-sized whiskey bottles can change that.

In Texas, everything is bigger (and better if you ask a local). This includes the amenities that are available to those who are just “blowing through town.” Staying at a hotel limits your ability to function within your own space and keeps you from feeling like you are home. Not to worry, those home-cooked meals can be an everyday thing when you choose temporary housing.

What is corporate housing?

Instead of spending your off time in a cramped hotel/motel room, you can feel comfortable in your own space with our furnished apartments. They are fully stocked with all the comforts you need to help ease the stress that comes with business traveling. You get a full range of appliances, such as a stove, dining table, sofa, TV, flatware and dishware, comfortable beds, and all the accessories that make coming home feel like… home.

Having your own space allows you to avoid the calories that come along with eating out every day and night. It gives you a place to cook scrumptious meals, not only for yourself but for coworkers, friends and loved ones. Your wallet and waistline will definitely thank you.

Of course, the ability to whip up a healthy and delicious snack is not the only benefit of temporary, furnished housing. You will also have access to the joy of cooling off on a hot day in one of our amazing community pools. Whether you want to dip your toes or lay beside it and finish that novel you’ve been working on for months, it’s all up to you.

Our apartments also come with the comfort of fully equipped gyms. So, even if you do indulge in the occasional late night burger, you have a place to get your sweat on, burn off those calories, and keep your body feeling and looking healthy. This takes the stress out of trying to find, join, and travel to a local gym.

Let us get rid of the dreaded “out of place” feeling that comes along with traveling for business. With kitchens full of all the appliances you need, you can say goodbye to endless days of takeout, start perfecting your favorite recipes, eat healthily, and save money within the comfort of your own space… your home away from home.