Corporate Furnished Apartments vs. Hotel

Like most people, you have a routine. More than just a list of things you do every day, it is a living, breathing part of who you are. Your mornings could be described as predictable: you require a bowl of oatmeal, yogurt, and no less than three cups of coffee simply to function on a basic human level. You get ready on your own schedule and in your own unique way.

When work requires you to travel for weeks or months at a time, routines can be extremely difficult to maintain. Typically, you could not continue your breakfast and coffee routine in the morning without first getting dressed and finding a breakfast joint.

If you want to stick to your routines and be comfortable while traveling for long periods of time, try renting a corporate apartment instead of staying in a cramped hotel room. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of corporate rentals:

Comforts of Home

It’s so nice to be able to do the little things while traveling that you take for granted at home.

Not many people actually enjoy laundry, but easy access to it is essential when traveling. You could throw in a quick load of laundry to keep your wardrobe fresh while packing light.

We all get tired of eating the same meals day to day, but a week of nothing but take out can leave you begging for a healthy, home-cooked meal. You can even enjoy a glass of wine in the fresh air on your patio.

Going to the gym or taking a walk around a clean, quiet suburban neighborhood are all possibilities while traveling, and as you keep doing the little things you love so much at home it can make your stay so much more pleasant.

Save Money

In order to get the same luxuries from a hotel that you get in a corporate apartment, you would need to stay in a four-star room. The average cost for a four-star hotel in Southern Texas is $110 per night or $3,300 for a 30-day stay.

By taking advantage of affordable living prices, you can stay in your home-away-from-home for as little as $1,725 for a 30-day stay (prices vary depending on location and number of bedrooms and bathrooms).

Why pay more than double for a cramped hotel room? If you are working on a corporate per diem the cost savings could benefit you greatly. When you save the money you would normally spend on a hotel room, you can buy healthier food, travel to sights around the area, or pay for family and friends to visit.


One thing we all miss when we travel is our family, friends, and pets. Staying in temporary housing means your loved ones can come and stay with you for a weekend, a week, or the whole trip. The apartment gives you and your visitors much more room to move around and enjoy your time together, without breathing down each other’s necks like you would in a cramped hotel room.

Most of our apartment options also allow pets, which can be extremely convenient for those of you who have no one to care for them while you are away. Pack a bag for ole’ Fido and let him have a vacation too

Customer Service

When you stay at a furnished apartment you are not just one of the hundreds of people that are constantly coming and going at the hotel lobby. You are the only person checking into that apartment, resulting in fast, friendly and reliable service every time. You walk into an apartment that is ready for your lifestyle.

Next time your job requires a large amount of your travel time or your boss gives you a “great opportunity,” consider the many benefits of an extended stay in a furnished apartment. Southern Texas can be an amazing place to visit, vacation, or work.

Choose to stay with Residology in our Texas Corporate housing and you will even get local tips about events and happenings in the area you are staying. You will feel like a local before you wake up to that fresh-brewed cup of coffee in the morning with your favorite breakfast. Instead of traveling for work, start living.