Places You Must Visit While Staying in Austin or Bee Cave, Texas

Texas Entertainment

Traveling for business can be a great adventure. You get to see the world and discover the treasures that each new city has to offer. But there is no place like Texas. If you are lucky enough to be a great businessman/woman who has the opportunity to call this place home while you wheel and deal as a professional who travels, then you are in for a treat.

There is so much to do in Austin and in Bee Cave that you are sure to never be bored (unless you are stuck in a mega-boring meeting, wearing a tie or skirt, and wishing you were enjoying what these astounding cities have to offer).

Here in Texas, we work hard, but we play even harder. So if you find yourself calling Austin or Bee Cave home during your business travels there are plenty of ways to blow off steam, have a meal that will tickle your taste buds, or just enjoy the beauty that the Texas outdoors has to offer.

Here are some must-sees & dos to check out while you schmooze the big guns here in Texas. You’ll find there is a dress down or dress up option for everyone. Whether you want a quiet night in with takeout, be one with nature, or want to leave your mark with a night full of dancing and shenanigans, this is the place to be.

1- Crystal Creek Distillery

There is nothing better after a long day of work, in a new city than moonshine tasting. This place is more than just the shine. Inspired by the roaring 20’s, Crystal Creek Moonshine takes Texas to a new level. Whether you are in the market for an on-the-rocks tumbler to casually sip on or looking to enjoy a scrumptious-mixed cocktail, this is the place. With tour and tasting being only $10, you can witness the process of how these delectable drinks are made, but even more importantly, you get to take your taste buds to a world of moonshine magic. Make sure that after you enjoy your moonshine tour you try one of their amazing-drink creations out on their outdoor patio area, which offers breathtaking Texas views.

2- Cathedral of Junk

This is a Texas favorite. In the backyard of a small suburban house lies a wonderland of… well… junk. It is unlike anything else in this world. Vince Hannermann built it because he “just thought it would be kinda cool,” and it truly is. Containing 60 tons of junk, including a vast amount of mass-production cast-offs and unidentifiable who-knows-what, this is one place that will keep you guessing as you roam through the world of “things,” such as the Zen garden of tvs. You won’t want to miss it.

3- Hill Country Galleria Interactive Fountain

Bee Cave, Texas has the best place to take your kiddos to beat the insatiable-summer heat.  Your kids will love splashing and getting soaked in the fountain while they giggle and play. And since Amy’s Ice Creams is just across the road, you can enjoy a scoop or two of the many flavors they offer while you watch your little ones have the time of their life.

4- Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek

Get ready to kick back and enjoy some of the greatest blockbuster hits showing on the silver screen. But movies are not all it has to offer, come in for some of the most delicious cuisine items in town and wash your top-notch burger down with one of their exceptional cocktails or craft beers. Come for the food, latest movie, or to catch an old classic where singing along is encouraged.

5- Barton Springs Pool

The summer days in Texas are laced with the devils’ heat, which makes cooling off in the brisk-Austin pools a must. Whether you want to dip your toes in the water and simply lounge on the grassy slope or submerge yourself completely for a complete cooldown, Barton Springs Pool is what Texans call a beat-the-heat hot spot. A great place to meet the locals and a great place to soak up the sun’s rays.

No matter what business brings you to Austin or Bee Cave, Texas there is always a fun and fancy-free side to keep you entertained. Whether you are staying for a week, month, or a year, our comfortable, furnished apartments are a simple solution for your traveling needs. From here, you can experience all these amazing locations and get a real feeling for the different walks of life throughout Texas welcomes.