Why Are People Extending Their Stays in Austin?

There is enough going on in and around Austin that it’s easy to understand why so many people choose to stay a lot longer than just a weekend. Whether they’re moving here for a new job and don’t have a permanent location yet, or are coming for a few of the world-famous events in the area, there are a lot of reasons why a traditional hotel stay just doesn’t cut it.

Austin is a growing city, and if you’re going to come and see what’s going on around here, you may need to stay a little longer than expected.

To Space and Beyond

Nothing quite represents the significant growth and industrial expansion around Austin as the announcement that SpaceX is going to move to Texas. This company is one of the leaders in the space commerce trend, helping to privatize the sector in the wake of reduced federal funding.

While they’ll be building the world’s first commercial rocket launching site in South Texas – little ways away from Austin – they will be bringing an estimated 300 new employees the first year and at least 500 more in the years to come. It’s definitely indicative of a space-related move to Texas.

While SpaceX is one of the first real attempts to make space commerce both reliable and profitable, it’s definitely not the last.

Midland is looking at the space tourism business and, of course, Houston remains the home for NASA’s Space Center, which they’re looking at making into a commercial spaceport.

Austin isn’t going to let them have all the fun, of course. Right now, companies are looking at Austin for future expansions. This is where they’re going to design, build, and test rockets to launch satellites into orbit. There’s already a huge base of technology companies around here, making this an attractive location for companies that are really pushing the technological boundaries.

Whether someone is coming here to explore a new career path or to find a new home for their company, there are plenty of reasons to take it slow and get everything properly set up.

Austin Events

In March, SXSW is going to bring people in from all over the country to Austin. Of course, this isn’t just a single event. There will be a lot going on, both simultaneously and sequentially. If someone were interested in them all, they could simply extend their stay and experience every aspect of SXSW.

  • SXSW Interactive:March 13 to 17. This event is all about technology and digital creativity. This is where emerging technology is discussed and showcased, including everything from websites to games and much more.
  • SXSW Film: March 13 to 27. These two weeks sees a lot of creative types gather together to discuss films, filmmakers, and the industry in general. It’s a strange mix of business and art that leads to a lot of entertainment.
  • SXSW Music: March 17 to 22. You can explore the music industry at the Austin Convention Center during the day and then experience more than 2,200 acts that show up to perform in the evenings.

If you want to do it all, you can. You just have to realize that it will take most of your March to do it. This is a whole month of creativity and innovation, and it brings in people with very different backgrounds and experiences. If you’re going to stay a while, a hotel might not be the right choice when there are far more comfortable living arrangements available.

Experiencing Austin

It takes time to see and experience all these things, and, of course, it’s only the beginning. Whether you’re coming here for work or play, an extended stay in Austin is simple when you have access to fully furnished apartments in Austin, TX. You can live in comfort for weeks or months, whatever you need, and experience some of these unique events for yourself.