Top 6 Reasons to Move to San Antonio

Reasons to Move to San Antonio

San Antonio has a long history, a deep cultural diversity, and no end of things to see and do.

But does it have everything you’re looking for? Are you ready to move to this city and experience it all for yourself?

Naturally, everyone is looking for something different when they move to this state, and here are 5 great reasons to consider living in San Antonio.

1.  It’s a Career City

The unemployment rate in San Antonio is consistently below the national average. This is a fast-growing city with a strong economy, and many people project its future growth will continue along this path. 

While San Antonio has been called one of the best cities for tech workers, a lot of its current economic boom is due to the diversity of industries and new companies you’ll find here. Some of the leading industries in the city include tourism, petroleum, renewable energy, healthcare, bioscience, military, banking, and finance. 

There are also a number of Fortune 500 companies that make their home in this city, and some of the major employers include USAA, Rackspace, and others. 

2.  It’s a Cowboy/Cowgirl City

The old stereotype of everyone in Texas wearing cowboy boots and hats doesn’t really have much relevance in modern San Antonio.

Then again, it’s a great place for the cowboys and cowgirls of the world to unite, especially since this is the home of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

This event draws more than 2 million visitors every year, many of them don’t even bother to wear those cowboy boots and hats. The show is a unique experience that includes activities and entertainment all day and night.

3.  It’s a Military City

The number of active and retired military personnel living in San Antonio has earned the city the nickname of “Military City, U.S.A.” 

It all starts with the number of recruits graduating from military training in the city, but many people find themselves returning to the city after their tour is over. Joint Base San Antonio, of course, is a huge part of the military presence here, housing both Fort Same Houston, and Randolph and Lackland Air Forces.

4.  It’s a Sports City

While San Antonio may not have a Major League Baseball team or NFL team, the fans of the San Antonio Spurs make up for it in their enthusiasm and excitement. The Spurs have been the center of the sports scene in this city for a while, but there are also a number of college and other teams that draw their share of fans, too.

5.  It’s a Foodie City

All of Texas is well known for a special brand of delicious food, but even among all that, San Antonio is well regarded as a place for the serious foodie.

You’ll find everything from unique food trucks to haute cuisine. Tex-Mex cuisine is, of course, an extremely important part of the scene, but there’s so much more than just that. Texas barbecue is a tradition you can’t miss, but there’s a thriving community of local coffee roasters, breweries, and more, too.

6.  It’s an Affordable City

San Antonio’s cost of living is much lower that most other cities of comparable size in the United States. Some estimates have put the cost of living more than 30% less than New York. 

Of course, a growing city like this is going to see some changes in its housing market, but the current average sale price is still lower than the national average (but it is hard to say exactly how long this situation will last).

This is a hot real estate market, especially since people are starting to see many of the other cities as a little too crowded. San Antonio, on the other hand, has many picturesque neighborhoods and plenty of room to spread out.

A quick word of warning, though: the local property taxes can surprise many newcomers. While the state of Texas is famous for not charging income tax, the property taxes can often be much higher than other places in the country.

Are You Ready to Make the Move?

San Antonio is a beautiful city with a lot of opportunities for its residents. Are you ready to make the move to San Antonio?

At Residology, we offer a range of furnished apartments for relocation housing so you can come and experience the city for yourself as you explore your options for a more permanent solution.

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