Biggest Growth Industries in San Antonio and Austin

Are you looking to change careers or maybe start your career? Maybe you’re looking to relocate to an area that has more professional opportunities than the area you’re currently living in.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are you’ve been looking up the might metropolis’ of LA, Portland, New York, Chicago or Boston.

Maybe you should try Texas. Yes, the cowboy and Mexican food Texas.

Numerous business magazines, including Forbes have named Texas, particularly the corridor between San Antonio and Austin, as the next great metropolis.

Over the last few years, many large technology and biomedical companies have relocated and built headquarters in this Texas corridor, which is transforming into a micro Silicon Valley.

Within this tech corridor is also a booming financial sector and high-quality colleges.

The Growth of Big Tech

Texas’ growing tech corridor has been made possible with the migration of well-educated, young workers and the relocation of large tech companies. Which one came first is up for debate, but both are a result of massive immigration to the area from outsiders.

Low, affordable housing, job opportunities and a growing arts and restaurant scene, not to mention the close vicinity of two big cities and their attractions, have been the big catalysts to attracting smart, educated, entrepreneurial millennials from the confines of overly saturated markets like San Francisco, San Jose, Portland, Boston and New York.

Technology and biomedical companies have taken notice of the booming, educated and career-driven population of San Antonio and Austin, and the lower property costs of the area and have decided to build offices there, increasing job and career opportunities.

Booming Financial Sector

The significant military and retired military presence in San Antonio and Austin not only jumpstarted the areas technology boom, but it also ignited its financial sector as well. USAA, a major financial organization that works with present and past military servicemen and their families has a huge office in the corridor, prompting the explosion of private financial companies and the relocation of other, established, large financial institutions.

Top-Notch Education

The corridor from San Antonio and Austin feature the San Antonio and Austin campuses of the famed University of Texas as well as a slew of community colleges and tech schools. These colleges have become more popular in recent years with the growth of post-college job opportunities, affordable housing and a rising music, art and restaurant scene in the area.

With the overall growth in population and job opportunities, relocation to the area is becoming more and more commonplace.

Those relocating to either San Antonio or Austin have multiple housing options like extended stay hotels, apartment and housing rentals and corporate housing.

Corporate housing is a great idea as it suits the needs for both the traveling business person in town for a set amount of time and for employees who have been relocated to the area and need a place to stay temporarily until long-term housing is found.

If you’re looking for career advancement in the technology, biomedical or financial sectors, the corridor between San Antonio and Austin is the place to be.

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