The Most Convenient Temporary Housing for Travel Nurses


All across Texas, hospitals and other medical facilities regularly require the services of skilled and qualified nurses to fill out their staffing needs. Often, they aren’t able to find anyone with the right skill set or enough experience in the local area.

This is where travel nurses come in. Literally. They are sent from an agency on a contract basis and come into the facility to provide some critical skills when they are needed most. When their contract is up, they can either return to their homes or explore some other options with the contractor.

This is an attractive career path for many people because of all the freedom and flexibility it offers.

Assignments can last anywhere from 8 to 26 weeks – with the average lasting about 13 weeks – and then it’s either off to the next assignment or taking some time off before looking for another contract.

This type of work is particularly popular with people who enjoy travelling and seeing new places or experiencing new things. It’s also a great career for people who prefer to work in short bursts rather than full time at the same location, year after year.

One of the biggest benefits, though, is the opportunity to develop some new skills at every different location. Each facility will need the travel nurse to fill a slightly different role than they may have done in the past, which means they can finish every contract even more qualified to start the next one.

Life as a Travel Nurse

Not every travel nursing position or contract is the same, but in general, most contracts are offered in thirteen-week intervals.

Work schedules may vary, and some are designed to allow the nurses to return to their residences at certain intervals (though this might not always be the case). In order for that to happen, though, some nurses will have to work 4 ten-hour shifts so they have an extra day on the weekend to head back home.

The idea of working extended periods while living out of a cold, sterile hotel room may not be all that appealing to a lot of people. We fully understand that feeling.

So, what if there was a simpler way?

What if your temporary residence could feel just like home?

Short Term Contracts in Fully Furnished Apartments

Life as a travelling medical professional can be exciting and challenging. There’s always something new to see and experience in all these cities around Texas. (Be sure to check out some of our recommended things to do and see around Texas here, here, and here.)

Of course, if you’re consistently moving around for the next assignment, finding a place that has everything you need – and will accommodate a short term stay – can get a bit tedious.

Here in Texas, at all of our locations from Rio Grande Valley to Dallas and more, we make it easy for travelling medical professionals to get set up in comfortable and convenient temporary housing.

You don’t have to stay at a hotel for an extended period. You don’t have to make do with fast food or cafeteria food every day.

You can have everything you need to live your own healthy lifestyle in this new city while you fulfill your contract. You can even bring your pets! Most of our locations are pet friendly and offer great perks for your furry friends, like fenced in Bark Parks, Pet Wash areas, and Dog treats.

At Residology, we offer 3-month short-term contracts, so you can get in, relax, and enjoy your stay. You don’t have to think about transporting all the daily necessities from your home – like cookware and other items – because it’s all there waiting for you.

Simply bring your clothes, anything you need to handle your job, and then stock the refrigerator with your favorite, healthy foods.

We’ll take care of everything else so you can have a nice, relaxing place to stay after a long day at work.

Keeping Your Options Open

Depending on the needs of the hospital and how well you fulfill the role, it’s very likely that you will be asked to extend your contract. Maybe they’ll even ask you to go full time.

Or maybe you will be needed at another branch of the facility which is just a little too far away to be a convenient commute. You’d like to keep working for this organization, so you’ll need a place to stay that’s a little closer to work.

The flexible leasing options at Residology mean you can keep your options open.

Will you take another short term contract with the hospital? No problem. You can extend your lease term with us, too.

Will you move to another location in Texas? We have locations in all the major cities that are conveniently located for your needs.
Will you pack up and move back home? We make that easy, too. All the furnishings are ours, so it’s just a matter of packing your belongings, cleaning out the fridge, and heading back home.

Our typical minimum lease period is 3 months – but there’s no maximum lease and we can accommodate you if you need a shorter contract than that (based on the availability at the time).

At Residology, you can find affordable, clean, and comfortable apartments for travel nurses not too far from many of the hospitals throughout Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and other major cities.

Contact us today to learn more about our extended stay options for travel nurses.


  • Shannon McDougal says:

    Do you have housing in San Antonio or Webster Texas?

    1. Siena Wimberly says:

      Hi, Shannon! We do have housing throughout TX, including San Antonio and the greater metro area. Please fill out a contact form or give us a call so we can discuss your stay!

  • Bryesha jones says:

    Hi, I am a travel pharmacy tech, looking for affordable housing. Currently for Laredo, Texas.

    1. Residology says:

      Hello Bryesha! We do have plenty of options in the Rio Grande Valley area. Please contact us at 877-872-5530
      or fill out the form here: We’d love to help you find something that works for you.

  • Shauna Bradley says:

    Any housing in Odessa, TX

  • Melissa Y Gomez says:

    I am a travel nurse currently looking for housing for my family during my 13 weeks contract in Sugar land, Tx

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