Skip the On-Campus Housing and House Rentals: Check Out McAllen Texas Furnished Apartments

Mcallen TX Furnished Apartments

Whether you’re relocating for work, are an adjunct college professor or a college student, you likely don’t think that looking for housing in McAllen, Texas will be a hard task. While the southern Texas town may seem like an unfamiliar place to most people, but not if you’re in the medical industry.

The city in southern Texas has become a medical hub featuring various, prestigious medical schools, health centers, hospitals and medical industry manufacturing companies.

The increasing prominence of McAllen and the growth of the Rio Grande Valley area has triggered a housing shortage that has put an additional strain on would-be residents.

Students looking to start their medical careers at one of the many medical schools have limited options for housing.

Some colleges offer on-campus housing to students while others don’t. Students attending a medical school that doesn’t have dorms or student housing must rent homes or apartments nearby.

The limited housing in the community is getting more expensive and has escalated the competition between students, professors, traveling businessmen and working professionals.

What’s the Solution?

While students and professors have the backup option of on-campus housing, working professionals and those visiting the area for extended business trips must settle for expensive apartments further away.

Additional apartments are the most obvious solution to bettering the housing situation. When people think of apartments, they think of unfurnished ones. There are also furnished apartments which have many benefits and have less competition.

For professionals and college staff members who will be staying longer and will eventually make McAllen their home, a furnished apartment is a better choice.

The competition for furnished apartments is less than unfurnished ones. The costs for furnished apartments are not significantly more because the demand is less. Furnished apartments are also a good idea for those staying in the area longer, such as those relocating to the area for work, as it gives them additional time to look for a home later.

The Benefits of a Furnished Apartment

It can be difficult to find a furnished apartment. They incur more cost to the owner which is usually then passed onto the renter. The additional costs may deter some would-be renters, such as college students who don’t have high incomes. The benefits of a furnished apartment are well worth the additional costs. Multiple roommates can make the additional costs manageable.

A furnished apartment can offer tenants the following perks:

1.  Easy-moving

Moving is a breeze when you don’t have furniture or other miscellaneous belongings. With just your clothes and some other personal items, tenants can quickly move in without needing to recruit movers or friends to help move. Without the excessive furniture, there is no risk in your belongings getting lost in transit or damaged in the loading or unloading process.

2.  Less expensive moving.

With a furnished apartment, no moving truck rental or professional movers are necessary.

Save money by not needing furniture. If you chose not to bring furniture out to save on moving costs and avoid the hassle of packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading, you’ll still need to get furniture if your apartment is unfurnished. With a furnished apartment, you can save time, money and headaches from moving without furniture without needing to buy furniture for your new place.

3.  Residents can immediately settle in.

Whether you bring your own furniture or you purchase furniture after you move-in, you still must unpack, organize and reassemble items. You also have to decide where things will go. When you get a furnished apartment here in the Rio Grande Valley, you can immediately settle in.

4.  Combines extended stay experience without the extended stay experience.

A furnished apartment is much like an extended stay hotel. Everything you need is already there. All you have to do is buy your own food. Unlike extended stay hotels, you aren’t limited to how long you can stay and you that hotel guest feel. Another perk of being in a furnished apartment is that you’re allowed to have pets.

Regardless of what brought you to McAllen, Texas, Residology can help you find a place to call your own. We have luxurious, centrally located furnished apartments in McAllen, Texas available. Contact us today to learn more.

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