The Growth of The Rio Grande Valley

Rio Grande Valley Growth

The economy throughout the Rio Grande Valley has revolved around agriculture for most of its history. While there are still plenty of agriculture businesses in the area, the dynamic growth in the last two decades has attracted first-rate businesses and made this region the fastest growing in the state.

Industrial Expansion

One of the most interesting aspects of the valley are the diverse entry points. Being on the edge of the Texas border, there are deep water ports. There are three large interstates that bring in traders, tourists, and shoppers. With five international airports, it only increases the exposure and possibilities to the area. Texas will feature a tax-free weekend this year and the Rio Grande Valley prepared by readying a new expansion of stores and restaurants.

The industrial expansion includes a HOLT CAT facility, bringing many new, high paying jobs. This has made the valley a major player in heavy machinery, including sales and rentals of equipment for growing construction, oil, and agriculture businesses in the area and across the nation. Another major industrial growth is the transfer hubs for liquefied natural gas by 2020. Corporate housing in Rio Grande Valley is busy helping employees come and find their place as jobs are quickly being posted for the opportunities here.

Exciting Projects

There are two exciting opportunities coming to Texas that will grow the area even more. The first is the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. It will join the colleges and technical institutes in the area to help provide higher education and train employees for specialized skills in many industries.

Space X is one of the most exciting advances for the Rio Grande Valley and is scheduled to open this year. Technology mogul Elon Musk has built this facility in Brownsville and Boca Chica beach, and is the first orbital rocket launch facility for commercial purposes. It also has a research facility called STARGATE that has unlimited potential for expansion in the space industry.


On January 11 of this year, there will be a groundbreaking for the first all-inclusive playground for children of every ability and every age to play. Local philanthropist’s donations and grant money have gone toward making this dream a reality for all children with special needs and their families. This playground shows steps that the community is taking to make the entire area more inclusive for everyone.

Medical Schools and More

The city of McAllen has become a major medical hub, which means there are a lot of prestigious medical schools, health centers, and more established here. While this has increased the need for temporary, furnished apartments in the area, it also shows a distinct growth in the medical industry.

Arts and History

Joining the line up of local museums is the Cultural Heritage Museum in San Benito. It has been in the works since 1995 and is going to finally have its ground breaking in February, only 22 years later. Having a building dedicated to highlighting the rich history of the area will be great for locals and tourists. One section of the new development will focus on the recording history of the area. It will be marked by a unique guitar-shaped entrance and will add to the local culture.

So Much to Offer

When you walk round the Rio Grande Valley, it’s no surprise it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the country. This area includes a number of different cities, including McAllen, Brownsville, Edinburg, and more, and all of these locations are experiencing growth to some extent.

There is so much to offer people in every situation. Many different industries are finding the ability to expand here, which benefits the entire community. Families are finding values and resources to raise children. Students can get a great education.

The valley is full of growth and opportunity, with new corporations moving in, taking advantage of the space and economy. We can’t wait to see what the valley looks like in another two decades.

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