We Are Here for You

During these uncertain times, many people struggle with feeling safe and secure. Housing situations are changing, and work locations are moving. For those who are dealing with change, we are here for you. With so many convenient and comfortable places to stay, here are some ways we can help.

Housing for Essential Workers

As hot spots pop up in different locations around the country, essential workers are volunteering to travel to help. Others are needing housing closer to work or to separate from their families to avoid spreading contagions. Finding the right temporary housing can be tricky, but we have multiple locations that are ideal for temporary, long- and short-term lengths of stay. Even if you do not know how long the housing is needed, our housing options are affordable and fully equipped.

Temporary Housing

Families and individuals who are in a transitional housing position can use our housing options. Since local government offices, construction crews, and repair companies are all dealing with modified hours and conditions, many families are left in the middle of building or renovating a home. Others have sold their homes but need some time to find the right place to buy. With the change in employment and rent requirements, some residents are looking for a safe place to stay until their housing situation becomes more permanent. For all these reasons and more, our housing is a great option.

Safety During Quarantine

One of the hardest things about contagious diseases is not knowing how to mitigate comforts and safety. If a person in your household becomes sick, what is the best way to isolate the sick person from everyone else in the home? For families with someone who falls into a higher at-risk category, keeping them safe can seem an impossible feat. One way to keep at-risk family members safer is to have them stay at their own residence for a short period of time. At Residology, we can provide a safe, clean place for family members to live to keep them healthy. Our locations can accommodate different needs and lifestyles, and we can tailor our package to meet guests’ specific needs.

What We Offer

We provide long- and short-term furnished housing options. With multiple locations in each city and fully furnished interiors, we provide convenience and comfort for our guests. These cost-effective luxury amenities do not come with the luxury price tag though. Guests enjoy eco-friendly living and a clean modern style with pricing on our housing meets or beats most hotel pricing.  Other benefits at each of our locations include:

  • Pet-friendly options
  • All utilities included
  • Located in controlled-access buildings for added safety
  • Spacious 1, 2, & 3-bedroom options
  • Swimming pools and gyms

We believe that everyone deserves a safe and secure place to live. Housing is one of the basic human needs, but that does not mean it has to be basic or sub-standard. We have worked hard to make sure each housing location we provide has everything covered with the comforts and beauty of home. If you are looking for a place to stay for any reason, see what we have to offer.

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