Military Housing in Houston, Texas and Where to Stay

The state of Texas is home to many military bases and installations for the Army, Navy and Coast Guard, and that has created a huge demand for quality, long-term housing in areas near those locations.

On top of that, thousands of people start relocating to Houston, Texas every year to start or continue their careers at the United States Coast Guard Air Station, which is also sometimes called Ellington Field. This is where people dive careers in search and rescue operations, homeland security operations, fishery and local environmental protection, and maritime law enforcement. 

The USCG Air Station Houston has a mix of active duty and civilian personnel as well as auxiliary members serving in different positions. The base is located a short 15 miles from downtown Houston, which opens up a lot of great options for military personnel who are looking for temporary housing.

Military Housing Options in Houston, Texas

Similar to other military installations and bases, USCG Air Station Houston has multiple housing options available to its members. These options depend on one’s rank and family situation.

However, unlike some branches of the military, like the Army, Navy and Marines, there is no on-base housing available at Ellington Field. Instead, members and their families must live in off-base apartments or single-family homes.

All enlisted military personnel at USCG Houston will be provided housing in the form of BAH, or Basic Allowance for Housing. A member’s BAH is meant to pay for their housing, whether it is monthly rent or towards monthly mortgage payments. The amount of BAH a member will receive depends on the cost of living in the location where they are stationed, their rank, and whether they are single or married with children.

At Residology, we offer many different housing solutions in Houston, so military personnel can take advantage of our extended stay options in fully furnished apartments.

Why are these extended stays becoming such a popular option for people in the military?

The Houston real estate market is an extremely competitive environment. As a result, many servicemen and women have to option for renting instead of owning. Or they have to rent for a while until they know they’ll be stationed here long enough for buying to make sense.

Furnished apartments are a popular option for people stationed at the USCG Air Station in Houston because it offers a more cost- effective solution over hotels and extended-stay hotels. They’re already furnished, so there’s no need to pack up furniture and belongings for what could be a temporary assignment, and your leasing terms can be a lot more flexible.

This also means that Coast Guard families who are looking to relocate to Houston on a more permanent basis can have a nice, clean, and convenient place to stay while they explore all their options in the current Texas real estate market.

Find the Best Place to Stay

At Residology, we offer high-quality, fully furnished apartments in and around Houston, so military service personnel can easily find some temporary lodgings that meet their needs.

Would you like to live in the central, downtown area – sometimes called “inside the loop” by the locals? Maybe you’d prefer to live closer to the Bay Area down south or up on the north side where you’ll have access to the Woodlands Mall for some great shopping or the Sheldon Lakes State Park for a great outdoors experience.

Whichever location you choose, there are a wide range of attractions and amenities that will make your stay in Houston a memorable one, especially when you combine them with the benefits that come with our apartments. These include:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible stay options
  • Fully furnished units
  • Pet-friendly units
  • Safe and secure communities
  • A convenient, quick drive to and from base

Whether you’re a new recruit reporting to USCG Air Base Houston as your first station or you’re a veteran active duty service member who is transferring here from another base, the Houston furnished apartments by Residology can help make you and your family’s move and transition to the area quicker, smoother, and more cost-efficient.

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    We are retiring and looking for a home to rent or townhouse. Transferring from Jackonville Florida

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    Veteran, transfer from VA Hospital San Diego to VA hospital Houston. Arriving 04/15 need housing for 2 – 3 months while waiting for escrow to clear. I am with a large dog that will need a yard while I am at work. Looking for a short term home or townhouse to rent.

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