Benefits of Renting a Furnished Apartment In San Antonio TX

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Is school or work calling you to San Antonio? If you haven’t noticed, it can be tricky and expensive finding adequate accommodations. Not only that, but maybe you’ve been relocated there on short notice and need to find something fast or maybe you’re just in town for a few months for school or an extended work trip and you don’t want to commit to a long apartment least or pay for an extended stay.

San Antonio is quickly becoming a national powerhouse boasting the home base for large companies and start-ups. There is also many colleges and trade schools in the area. There are many temporary and soon-to-be permanent residents in San Antonio who face some of the same housing conundrums as you do.

To help alleviate the stress you and many others have felt, there has been a rise in furnished apartments in San Antonio that have become a big hit.

You may be thinking either, “well, duh,” or “no way, furnished apartments are outside my budget.” Regardless of your stance on furnished apartments, here are the benefits of renting a furnished apartment:

1.  Easy Move-In

With all the furniture, appliances and living essentials already in the apartment, all you have to do is show up (and buy food). You don’t need to worry about the hassle of loading and unloading your own furniture. In fact, there isn’t any moving in required. There isn’t a move easier than that.

With the furniture already there, you’ll save time, effort and money. You won’t have to pay for movers or try to lug a large couch up three flights of stairs. A furnished apartment also allows you to move suddenly as at the end of a school semester, a long business trip or when you find a more permanent place to call home.

2.  You Won’t Need to Buy Furniture

It can be a pain to buy furniture for your apartment when you’re only going to be there a short time (as in the case of a student or traveling business professional). At the same time, you’ll be staying too long to benefit from a furnished extended stay.

Why spend the money on furniture you may only briefly use?

Maybe you’ve been recently relocated to San Antonio and looking for a house for your family and in the meantime are looking to stay somewhere temporarily? It still wouldn’t make sense to buy furniture that only fits in a small apartment for your large, future house.

A furnished apartment can spare you the hassle and the money by already having furniture inside it.

3.  Furnished Apartments Work in a Pinch

Maybe you suddenly got called to go on a business trip or found out you got accepted into a school and now you’re hustling trying to pack up your furniture and find a place that will accommodate it all. Maybe you’ve just been alerted that your original housing arrangement or plan fell through and you don’t have a Plan B.

With a furnished apartment, everything is already, there so no worrying about last-minute coordinating with movers or frantically looking for a place to fit your furniture. Again, all you have to do is simply show up.

4.  You May Get a Shorter Lease

A traveling business professional or someone who has just relocated to San Antonio may not want the standard year-long lease of a traditional apartment. Sometimes furnished apartments come with shorter leases as they are more geared towards students and business professionals relocating or traveling through.

A furnished apartment can be the ideal solution to the relocation anxiety of business professionals as well as business persons and students who are needing a longer, temporary place to call home while in San Antonio.

Residology provides quality, luxuriously furnished apartments in the San Antonio area. If you’re interested in or in need of a furnished apartment in or around this amazing city, contact us today and our specialists will be glad to help you find your perfect, temporary home away from home.


  • Mary Caroline Cleary says:

    We are looking a furnished 1 bedroom to move in immediately for 3 months our budget is 1600 per month

    1. Residology says:

      Hi Mary. If you’re still looking for temporary housing, please contact us at 877-872-5530
      and we’ll be happy to help!

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