Is Texas-Based Relocation Housing Actually Worth It?

Whether you are a business professional, healthcare worker, or any other worker relocating to Texas for a long-term work assignment or permanent relocation, you may need relocation housing services. At Residology, we offer a corporate suit or temporary housing to make you feel safe and comfortable. Our fully furnished, eco-friendly, and stylish apartments have everything […]

Where to Stay While Renovating Your Home

Home renovations range from quick jobs that can be done in a day to major remodels that can leave you without all the amenities you rely on from day to day (like a place to eat, sleep, and otherwise keep the rain off your head). The results can be worth it, but you may find […]

Why You Should Rent a Furnished Apartment for Your Extended Visit to Texas

An extended trip can be a great way to experience a city and learn more about an area, especially if you’re considering a relocation at some point or have temporary work in the area. Where you stay matters and can make all the difference between a comfortable and relaxing stay and feeling like you can […]

Enjoying Your Extended Stay in Dallas

Life in Dallas can be filled with amazing things to do and sights to see – even if you’re only here temporarily. From your fully furnished apartment in Dallas, you have access to a wide range of opportunities and experiences. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy a quiet retreat somewhere out of the way or […]

Tips and Resources for New Border Patrol Personnel in Texas

Moving to Texas on temporary assignment as a member of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection? We can help. This agency employs a large workforce here, with many people here either seasonally or temporarily to fill needed positions. The work hours can be erratic, and the jobs can come with a lot of stress, so […]

We Are Here for You

During these uncertain times, many people struggle with feeling safe and secure. Housing situations are changing, and work locations are moving. For those who are dealing with change, we are here for you. With so many convenient and comfortable places to stay, here are some ways we can help. Essential Workers As hot spots pop […]